Nearly Half of Consumers Are Filling Their Grocery Carts Online

Nearly half of Americans are filling their grocery carts online, instead of in a store. That’s according to a recent survey conducted by the Food Marketing Institute. 

While it’s gaining popularity nationally, its also growing here in North Dakota. Stores like Walmart, Dan’s and Cashwise have all recently added pick-up and delivery options for customers. While convenience is a major factor for shoppers, so is sticking to your grocery list, and just your grocery list.

Kellie Noshfar; Online Grocery Shopping: “When you’re in the store and you see everything visually, you tend to..’oh I want that, I want that!’ But when I order online, I literally just get what I have written down, add it to my cart, and that’s all.”

It won’t come as a surprise that millennials have taken to online grocery shopping even more.. with 61 percent avoiding browsing real aisles.

Peter Bauer; Store Director: “More and more, I think people and the new generations that are coming up are very used to shopping online and consider it a big convenience.”

The FMI survey found that 49% of US consumers turning to the internet to fill their cart. While it’s just starting to pick up locally, for Dan’s Supermarket, it didn’t take long.

Peter Bauer; Store Director: “It has grown very much. It started out kind of slow the first week. Exponentially, we went from having just a few customers to having over 100 a week now.”

Dan’s “Fast Lane” was added four months ago in Bismarck, and the store has already seen a boost in sales.

Peter Bauer; Store Director: “Ten to 15 percent of our sales are done online.”

By 2022, the FMI predicts 70 percent of grocery shoppers will be buying online. 

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