Neighbors react to pit bull attack

A pit bull attack in Mandan sent two people to the hospital with severe injuries Sunday afternoon. One of the dogs responsible is still on the loose. 

A little past 10 p.m. on Sunday. residents in a west Mandan neighborhood got this text message. The reverse 911, or Code Red alert, warned them to look out for vicious pitbull.

“It scares you because you’re scared to go outside,” said neighbor Lorraine Glaser

Just a few hours before, two Mandan females, 8 and 43 years old, were walking in the area when 2 dogs had gotten loose from a nearby yard and attacked.

Mandan Police Lieutenant Pat Haug said, “Both individuals, the adult and the child, received some significant leg injuries that are being currently treated.” 

“I’m thinking, I sit on my front porch every day. And that happened right here. It scared me,” added Mandan resident Yvonne Kroh.

The owner of the dogs and several witnesses were able to intervene and stop the attack. However, only one animal was taken into custody. The other got away which prompted the alert.

Lieutenant Haug said, “We were hoping someone would see it and call us and we could try to track this dog down a little bit quicker. We figured the more people that new about it, the better results we would have.”

According to Lieutenant Haug, the two victims are expected to recover. And they’re looking into possible charges against the owner of the dogs.

Mandan P.D. is still actively searching for the second pitbull. He’s 90 pounds, brown and black fur with a docked tail and blue collar. If you come across him – do not approach and call the Mandan Police Department at 701-667-3250.

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