New Background Requirements for Child Care Providers

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New requirements for child care providers in North Dakota begin October 1st. The North Dakota Department of Human Services will implement two additional federal requirements to become a regulated and licensed child care provider.

The first change will require all child care staff regardless of age or position to complete a comprehensive fingerprint-based background check. This will also include any volunteers who may have unsupervised access to children. The second requirement is that no new staff members will be able to begin work until the department reviews their Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) or their national Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal criminal history records.

Neither of these two new rules, are currently happening in the state but will be enforced at the beginning of October.

Supervisor of the Criminal Background Check Unit for Children and Family Services, Tara Reed, says, “The goal is to help ensure the safety and protection of children that are receiving childcare or attending child care throughout the state of North Dakota.”

More information on the new requirements can be found on the North Dakota Department of Human Services website.

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