New Business: IJ Beauty Supplies

In this week’s business beat, we highlight a beauty supply store.

IJ Beauty Supplies is an urban beauty supply store in the Kirkwood Mall. 
It is a family owned business that opened three months ago.  
IJ Beauty Supplies has a variety of items such as hair care products, hair extensions, jewelry, clothing and more.

Co-owner, Tina Daniels, says it gives people more options than what they would expect in North Dakota. 

“I’m actually from New Jersey,” Daniels said, “So like being from the east coast every corner you turn there is a beauty supply store. So, I am used to that kind of life.When I came here to North Dakota, there was literally nothing. A lot of people order online and they are used to ordering online. So, I figured why not have somebody open a beauty supply store.” 

Owners are in the process of expanding the store by opening a beauty salon in the back of the current location. 

They are also looking for versatile hairstylists. 

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