New e-cigarette trend is becoming a real concern in schools

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A new trend is becoming a concern for teachers and parents.

Juuling is vaping with a very specific brand of e-cigarette called a Juul.

It looks much-like a USB flash drive, and it can actually be charged in a USB port on a laptop.

Teenage students at Dickinson Public Schools have been caught trying to sneak them into class.

They are hard to detect because of their size and “fruity” smell

The also leave little trace of smoke, as the vape clouds dissipate rather quickly.

Some students blow the smoke into their jacket, shirt, or backpack, to hide they are smoking.

Sgt. Brandon Stockie, School Resource Officer for Dickinson Public Schools, said he see’s it as major health concern.

“With tobacco with regular cigarette smoking . . . we know from 40 years . . that research shows us it causes cancer and other health concerns. Vaping is so new that there is no research that shows what it will do to us”.

Students caught with a Juul device on school grounds can be fined up to $100 and receive in – school suspension.

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