New Flood Plain Maps Released

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Is your home now considered a bigger risk for flooding?

If you live along the Mouse River in Minot, the answer is “yes,” and your flood insurance rates are likely to climb quickly.

The city has now posted new flood plain maps on its website – giving you the chance to zero in on your specific property to see if your flood risk rating has changed.

Pretty much all of the valley has because the feds now consider 10,000 CFS to be the 100-year flood level.

It used to be 5,000 CFS and that’s what the existing levees protect against.

That means most of the valley will now be seeing big increases in flood insurance – 18% per year until it reaches new, higher rates.

Click here to see the new map. You’ll have to click on the left side under “Flood Control & Recovery” the box that says “Proposed FloodPlains & Firm Maps” to see the new maps. The blue-green shade is the 100-year flood plain and subject to higher flood insurance rates.

And we’ll have more on this tomorrow when the city holds a press conference on the issue.

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