New Legislation would Allow Physician Assistants to Sign Medical Marijuana Cards

When Medical Marijuana was passed two years ago, Physician Assistants weren’t able to sign patients’ cards. That may change with House Bill 1283.

The bill will allow Physician Assistants to discuss medical marijuana with their patients, recommend it, and sign the cards.

PA Deb Houdek says Physician Assistants are often the primary care source for patients in North Dakota, particularly in rural parts of the state.

So it’s important that they are not being limited in discussing all options with patients.

Houdek adds, “We’re medical providers in all areas of the state. We work in rural clinics, we work in urban areas, so this provides us with another option that we can help those patients within the course of their disease, or at least have the discussion.”

Houdek supports the bill. However, she says she probably won’t recommend it for her patients, because she is not sure how effective medical marijuana is.

House Bill 1283 is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

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