New study finds airport security trays are dirtier than bathrooms

When is the last time you washed your hands before going through airport security? A new study finds that airport security trays are holding more than just your belongings.

Scientist at Helsinki Airport in Finland tested airport security bins during the peak of flu season and found that half of the bins carried at least one respiratory virus. That means the bins carrying your personal items are also carrying viruses that can lead to the flu or the common cold.

Physician and Infectious Disease Specialist at Sanford Health Dr. Neo Mateo says using hand sanitizer is the best way to protect yourself when dealing with airport bins.

“You just give a little squirt in the hand,” Mateo says. “They say you should be letting it air dry but apply
a generous and make sure hands are well coated both of them. That is the best thing you can do
to at least prevent your hands from transmitting whatever you touch.”

He also advises to get the flu vaccine since flu season is just around the corner.

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