New Technology Improves Accuracy for Cancer Patients

The Bismarck Cancer Center is taking leaps to improve accuracy for Cancer patients.

The new technology is called Vision RT, and it’s used on those undergoing radiation treatment.

It’s an infrared laser, that lets doctors know a patient’s precise position on the table throughout the entire session.

The system will signal the doctor to pause radiation treatment if a patient shifts. That way, healthy tissue is protected.

Bismarck Cancer Center Medical Director Dr. Robert Reynolds explains, “They can feel comfortable that we know where they are at any given time. I think they often times get nervous, ‘I just coughed or sneezed. Am I out of position now?’ And we can say, ‘No, we have infrared eyes on you at all times. We know exactly where you are, and we can be confident that we’re targeting exactly where the tumor is.'”

Vision RT is available for all cancer patients, but Doctor Reynolds says it’s most important for those with left-sided breast cancer because it protects their heart from catching a dose of radiation.

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