Nexus Card Can Save Time At Border


A program that speeds travel between the US and Canada, and provides TSA PreCheck membership is available to North Dakotans.
Jim Olson tells us about the Nexus program.

Crossing the international border can add time to your trip. But here’s a way to minimize the delay when traveling between Canada and the United States. It’s called the Nexus Card.

(Jason McFadden, Dunseith Port Director) “It’s a trusted traveler document similar to a passport.”

Jason McFadden is the Port Director for the Dunseith Port of Entry and says having a Nexus Card makes your trip across the border quicker.

(Jason McFadden, Dunseith Port Director) “You’ve already been fingerprinted, you’ve gone through a background check.”
(Jacqueline Decoteau, Port Supervisor) “The card is proof of ID and proof of citizenship. So it makes the document more reliable and trustworthy.”

Getting a Nexus Card is not easy, but it comes with some perks. Along with expedited border crossing, you’ll be in the TSA PreCheck program to make airport security easier, and you’ll no longer need a boat pass when traveling on border lakes. And the cost is low.

(Jason McFadden, Dunseith Port Director) “It’s $50 for five years and children under age 18 are free.”

That’s less than the cost of a TSA PreCheck alone.
To receive a Nexus Card, you first need to fill out an online registration – and then, after six to eight weeks, you’ll be interviewed in person by border officials from both the US and Canada. The nearest place for those interviews is normally Pembina, but on April 26th and 27th, those officials will be at the Dunseith Port.

(Jason McFadden, Dunseith Port Director) “So it’s a chance for the locals in this area to get the Nexus card without having to travel to Pembina.”

But if you’re interested, you need to start the process now by completing the online application – that allows enough time for the background check required before your in-person interview. In Dunseith, Jim Olson, KX News.

The Nexus Card takes the place of a passport – and that can save you money when traveling with children.

Click here for application information on the Nexus Card.

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