For Jeff Nelson, it all begins by lacing up his walking shoes.

“When you start with just steps it is a relatively easy thing to achieve,” Jeff Nelson, NISC employee says.

NISC began its wellness program in 2008.

It took its very first steps to promote health and wellness to all of its employees.

The company offers incentives to employees who stay active throughout their day.

And those who have taken advantage of the program see results.

“I’d say I’ve lost 80 pounds since I’ve been with NISC and like I said it started with just steps and then kind of expanded,” Nelson says.

If employees make healthy choices they receive points.

Those points then turn into money which gets added into their health savings account.

Employees are encouraged to take 10-15 minute breaks daily to get walking.

“You definitely feel a lot more refreshed when you get a chance to get out and get some fresh air and get the blood flowing,” Nelson says.

NISC believes keeping employees active keeps them productive.

“One of the great things to see that really warms my heart are droves of employees exiting their desks and going outside,”Amy Gietzen, NISC employee says.

NISC provides a gym along with wellness and fitness classes.

“We just bring as much as we can to employees to allow them to [exercise] before they even leave work, so it’s already taken care of for the day,” Gietzen says.

More than 90 percent of employees actively participate in their wellness program.

NISC also hopes to expand the program to help employees eat healthier.