Stroller Strong Moms is in 23 cities across the United States.

Minot’s owner and fitness instructor brought it to town after being a part of it in Texas.
Since it’s conception just last month, she’s bringing moms together to better themselves physically and mentally.

The best part? It’s BYOB, ‘bring your own baby.’

“Ya know, it’s exhausting being a mom,” owner of Stroller Strong Moms Minot, Lauren Mckinnon, said.

But exhaustion doesn’t mean moms shouldn’t make time to take care of themselves.

“It’s hard for moms to get in a workout. you know they have to take care of childcare and all that, so we get to bring our kids here with us,” said Mckinnon. “They get to watch us work out, sometimes they join in with us, so it’s great.”

That’s why they make it a point to SLAM – Sweat Like A Mother.

She said, “Not only is it physically beneficial for moms to work out and get in a tough work out, but also mentally. Coming out and having that camaraderie and support is really important.”

The workouts are Monday through Thursday and include cardio, interval training, yoga, and AMWRAP workouts, which means doing as many rounds as they can.
If need be, with baby in tow.

“Finding a sitter isn’t as easy as some people might think it would be or going to a gym that has a daycare, sometimes that doesn’t always work out the best for my kids either,” Abbie Hardel said. “They feel more comfortable having me here in the same space as them, but they do their own thing while I get me time.”

She added, “I think just having that moment, or that time of day to focus on me and not my kids, not my house, and anything but myself. Just for an hour a day.”

Classes are 9:30 to 10:30 Monday through Thursday with yoga classes are every Thursday.

A single class is $10, but your first class is free!10 classes costs $70, 5 costs $40, or you can pay $50 a month for unlimited classes.

During the colder months, classes are at the Armory in the Minot Municipal Auditorium. Otherwise, classes will be held at Roosevelt Park.