No crosswalks and no access to sidewalks

No access to sidewalks and not enough cross walks around a local elementary school has many concerned.
It’s a safety hazard for just about anyone, but the ones who are more at risk are the kids who walk to and from school.
“We have a lot of students that do walk from those areas,” said principal Kendo Carlson.

Nathalie Gomez Reporting: As you can see behind me many of the streets leading up to Washington Elementary don’t in fact have sidewalks forcing many of the kids who walk to school to walk on the street”.

“So you see them you know crossing through yards –zipping across the street because they’re walking on the street already,” said Carlson.

It’s not just the non-existent side walks,  there is also no access to crosswalks.
“I think we have a lot more people drive their kids where it’d be a lot easier to say hey you know what walk to school you only live a block away,” said Carlson.

But Carlson says many parents just don’t trust their kids walking on the road.
“I do think it would make things a little more safe if they had designated areas to be at on the sidewalk and also to add a couple cross walk at our busy intersections,”said Carlson.

Within the next year the city of Minot hopes to add some of those safety features through a federal grant received by the DOT.

‘It’s and 80 percent federal 20 percent local match cost share –so most of the project cost is paid for by the federal government,” said city engineer Lance Meyer.

Lance says neighboring property owners would have to maintain the sidewalks that will be installed.

“Generally speaking when their brand new there’s no physical repairs that need to happen for quite some time but you are required to shovel it,” said Meyer.

As of now there haven’t been any incidents of anyone getting hurt but if you’re driving near any school remember to be cautious, because doing so will keep the little ones safe.

The City plans to take bids for the project in April of next year.

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