NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — A national trail is making some changes to some of their current trails to enhance the experience for hikers.

The North Country National Scenic Trail is the longest in the country, stretching nearly 5,000 miles long and across eight states, from Vermont to here, at Lake Sakakawea.

“So it’s got a little bit of everything in there. We’ve got obviously the prairies of North Dakota, and when you’re at the West end, you feel like you’re in the West,” said North Country Trail Association Regional Trail Coordinator, Matthew Davis.

The section of the trail on Lake Sakakawea is known as the Western Terminus. This area of trails will be seeing further additions to it in the Chain of Lakes region.

“Just last week it was, we went out there and we flagged a route that will get the North Country Trail off of those gravel roads and will mow new trail across the prairie,” added Davis.

The North Country Trail Association feels that moving some parts of the trails from gravel roads to a mowed trail will appeal to more hikers and nature lovers.

The dynamic of this trail is what makes organizers keep investing into it.

With elevation changes and portions where you are walking right next to the lake or on the top of the hill getting a sweeping view of the landscape, they feel that they have hit the jackpot.

“You kind of surrounded by nature, you know, in places where you know the trail goes through a forested landscape, you know, you’re intimately surrounded by trees but in North Dakota, you know there’s some trees but it’s mostly you’re walking across the open prairie,” said Davis

North Country National Scenic Trails says this is a great trail for hikers and for those who are looking for a day or weekend get-a-way.

For more information on the North Country National Scenic Trail and for their upcoming events, visit North Country National Scenic Trail website.