There are entrepreneurs all over our state and the 1 Million Cups started because of it.

The organization has local entrepreneurs from all over the area and the state come talk to others that might need that extra push.

With the coronavirus spreading, they still plan to keep their mission going strong.

One of the founders of 1 Million Cups Marlo Anderson says this is the thing, the business community has just received the world’s largest shipment of lemons– it really has…. so how do you make lemonade out of it?”

That’s the question the 1 Million Cups organization ask all their members. It started about 6 and a half years ago.

Every Wednesday they have someone come in and give a speech and answer questions about how to make it in the business world.

1 Million Cups leader Evan Anderson says, “They talk about their journey and their ups and downs and we are here to support them. We are here to ask hard questions in some cases but we get a lot great discussion after the presentation. A lot of business cards are changing hands.”

These seats you see here are usually filled, but due to the coronavirus they’re empty. However, it hasn’t stopped the 1 Million Cups team from pursuing inspiration this week.

Charlie Rickett, the founder of Dakota Solar Energy, has worked with businesses like Telsa and was their most recent guest speaker.

He tells me KX News it’s not the time to panic but to take advantage of the situation.

Rickett’s says, “These are variables that we cannot control and we have choices we can make every single day– and one of them is to hunker down and stay in bed and not participate. The other is to use this opportunity to really dig in and I think it’s just about utilizing the time that we do have.”

82 people joined in on Rickett’s discussion, and the organization averages around 70 attendees for every one of their meetings. While we don’t know what the future beholds for this pandemic, 1 Million Cups says it’s important to keep supporting each other.

Marlo says, “So these are just things where you have to figure out how you make lemonade out of the lemons we have been dealt.”

Evan adds, “And it’s unique in the sense we are all in it together, so it’s not just impacting the city, the state, and the world– so I think it could be good in that sense and we can all pull together and make that lemonade.”

Their next meeting will be in Fargo and for more information, click here.