North Dakota natives Mat Charley and Joe Berger, who comprise two-thirds of the British-American trio Raynes, will be featured on the brand-new musical game show Walk the Line.

Walk the Line, will debut on ITV and ITV Hub this week, offering musical variety acts a chance to win a life-changing prize of £500,000, ($564,300).

But to win the money, talent alone isn’t enough – the contestants will need nerves of steel as they determine whether to cash out or physically Walk The Line and risk it all to stay in the competition.

The TV event format sees musical acts take to the stage to perform for the nation, as well as a panel of judges. The top two performers of the evening then face a nail-biting decision in their bid to be crowned champion––to either ‘cash out’ with a tempting cash prize, or walk the line and play on.

Should they stay in and top the leaderboard, they will then progress to the next show, facing a different cast of performers.

One of only twenty-five acts from across the UK to be selected to perform on the show, Raynes say they are excited and hopeful.

“Being a band based in two different countries has been a real challenge throughout the pandemic, and this will be the first show we’ve actually been able to play together since March of last year,” says the trio. “We’re very grateful to everyone at Syco, Lifted, and ITV for allowing us such a huge opportunity to play our music for so many people.”