North Dakota Emergency Commission Approves Continued Tuition-Assistance for ROTC Students

A dire situation gets a ray of hope for North Dakota ROTC students. 

Due to policy changes at the federal level and continuing rising tuition costs, the North Dakota National Guard sent letters to ROTC students under scholarship that their tuition assistance may be cut entirely. 

But now, the state’s Emergency Commission approved a proposal to cover the shortfall in tuition money for ROTC students.

Major General Alan Dohrmann was one of the Guardsmen who asked the Emergency Commission to re-purpose 450,000 dollars within their existing budget, to take care of these students through the next two years.

Major General Dohrmann says for at least the last ten years, the Guard has been able to pay 100 percent of ROTC students’ tuition.

He explains, “Are we treating these folks as special? I say, ‘Yes’. Should we treat them as special? I say, ‘Yes’. We’re talking a lot of money, but we’re talking about young men and women willing to raise their hand and defend this country, and to respond domestically when we have floods and fires.”

Right now, there are about 60 ROTC Cadets under scholarship in North Dakota.

The 450,000 dollars will be drawn from the Guard’s deferred maintenance line item. Major General Dohrmann says it’s a calculated risk, but it may not be the last time this biennium that they will need to shift money around.

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