BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — North Dakota is a leader in agriculture and energy in our nation.

Our state is known for its family farms, and the idea of going corporate always leads to heated debates.

Now, House Bill 1371 addresses this topic.

In simple terms, the bill would slowly allow farms to be set up as a corporation.

In the bill, “shareholders” have to be related in a way.

But who those family members are, and what they can or cannot do, are not discussed.

At the state capitol today, farmers got the chance to share their opinions in a hearing.

In our most recent coverage of the bill, we shared why state legislators are for the bill.

Today, KX News spoke with one person, who says he’s against it.

“The bill before us, House Bill 1371, doesn’t include any restrictions on who can own and operate livestock operations in North Dakota. And so, there’s no requirement that the shareholders of that corporation are farmers and ranchers. There are no requirements to partner with farmers and ranchers,” said ND Farmers Union Relations Director, Matt Perdue.

He says this would give food processors control over livestock production.

Although the hearing ended today, Perdue recommends individuals to continue to reach out and contact your state legislators.