North Dakota Filmmaker Unveils Teddy Roosevelt Documentary

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A self taught filmmaker and one man band visited the North Dakota Heritage Center to debut his latest documentary, “Being Roosevelt”.

20-30 people gathered in the Great Plains Theater as Samuel Sprynczynatyk and his significant other, Medora Frye, introduced their work.

The 14 minute documentary takes place in Medora, where a select group of people gather to reenact Teddy Roosevelt and his family.

The filmmaker says he came up with the idea when he met Teddy Roosevelt in a public restroom. 

Sprynczynatyk adds, “I started talking to this man next to me that was also washing his hands, and out of nowhere he became Teddy Roosevelt and started talking to me like Roosevelt. It was awesome. So I talked to him for about 20 minutes and that’s where I realized that this world exists, these people exist and there are stories behind what they do.”

“Being Roosevelt” is now available free online. You can view the film at

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