North Dakota Has a High Percentage of Smokers

Smoking Trends OTS_1536188947859.png.jpg

As of 2016, almost 20 percent of North Dakota adults smoke cigarettes.

That’s down from close to 22 percent in 2011. Nationally, the rate is closer to 17 percent.

North Dakota has the third lowest tobacco tax rate at 44 cents. Tobacco Prevention Specialist Jordyn Schaefbauer says the low tax is a direct factor in the amount of smokers in the state.

She adds, “Our tobacco tax in North Dakota hasn’t been raised since 1993. I was actually two years old when it was raised the last time, and the very first Jurassic Park movie was aired in theaters in 1993. So it has been a long time.”

New York State has the highest tobacco tax at $4.35.

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