North Dakota Has the Highest Percentage of Drivers with Suspended Licenses


Although North Dakota is the state with the fewest number of licensed drivers, we have the highest percentage of drivers with suspended licenses.

In North Dakota, there’s a 12-point system. The fewer points you have the better. 

But, there are ways you can get your driving record back on the right road. 

If you go three months without violating any rules of the road, you can lose a point. You can also take a defensive driving course to knock off three points.

The violation itself will be taken off your record after time goes by.

DOT Manager of Driver Record Services Patricia Rothmann explains, “Depending on the type of violation it is, there’s a retention on the driving records. So it may be on for three years, or it may be on for five years, some are on for seven. But eventually, it falls off.”

To get your license back, there’s a reinstatement fee, and depending on the offense, you may have to prove you’ve paid your fines, or completed the required treatment or classes.

The DOT wants to remind you: driving comes with serious responsibility. So, avoiding distractions, like your cellphone is crucial for safety on the roads.

Rothmann shares, “I believe being that we’re a rural state, that that has shaped a lot of our driving behaviors. You know, we have a low traffic volume, we have long, wide-open spaces between our destinations. And I think it gives people a false sense that they can go undetected.”

There are quite a few reasons people get their licenses suspended. The most common are DUI, not paying your traffic fines, driving without insurance, and reaching 12 points against your license.

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