North Dakota has the Least Amount of Millenials Staying with their Parents in the Country

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Your own space.
Your own schedule. 
Some might call it might call it freedom. 
“They didn’t even know I had these for pets,” says Tim Holzer.
A few of the perks that come from living away from home. 
It was a decision that came easy to Tim Holzer shortly after he graduated college. 
“I was used to my own space so after a little while I just couldn’t do it,” says Holzer.
According to census data, Holzer is part of a shrinking population. 
About one third of millennials are living with their parents and the number has been growing over the past couple years. 
Some states like New Jersey have almost half of millennials staying with their parents. 
At the very bottom of the list is North Dakota at about 10%.. 
“I’ve just been wanting to be self sustaining for a long time,” says Holzer.
The study suggests North Dakota is more independent because of low unemployment rates and low real estate prices.
When it comes to those deciding to stay with their parents, it might not be a question of choosing to move away from home, but being able to. 
“I think paying back college tuition is a big deal. I read something recently that said 60% of everyone leaving college is going to have some sort of debt. The average balance on that is $30,000 so if normal repayment is 10 years that’s $300 a month,” says Benjamin Brandt, local financial advisor.
Holzer said he saved up to prepare for that but still has seven years of debt ahead of him. 
So even if living away from parents means getting stretched a little thinner financially, Holzer isn’t too worried about his wallet. 

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