North Dakota high school seniors choosing to stay in state

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for Bridget Finley.. 

“It’s been pretty stressful just cause staying on top of things has been pretty hard like when you get hit like all at once with a bunch of homework you’re like dang I have to really work on this or else my grades will drop,” said Finley.

And that’s something she can’t have happen because poor grades will jeopardize her chances at getting scholarship money. 

“So far I’ve applied to University of Mary and I’m doing dual credits at MSU and then I am going to apply at UND,” said Finley.

These are all schools within the peace garden state— and she’s doing that on purpose– Finley says it all comes down to cost savings. 

“Out of state tuition is a lot higher when you go to other states,” said Finley. 

Finley is not the only one at Bishop Ryan Catholic School looking into staying in state. Counselor Virginia Mardikian says 100 percent of her seniors are doing the same. 

“A North Dakota school is home –it’s smaller they know what their going to get out of it,” said Mardikian.

As for our local universities the trend to stay in state is something they’ve seen increase since 2014. 

“I think a large part of that also has to do with the fact that around the country it’s becoming more and more expensive to go to school,” said Assistant Director of Enrollment services Cole Krueger.

According to financial aid — students paying out of state tuition pay more than 10-grand and that’s not including room and board. 

“If you’re someone who wants to go to school and earn your degree and go right into the workforce and have a lot of financial freedom early in your life North Dakota is an amazing option,” said Krueger.

and from what it looks like — our seniors are taking that advice.

School counselors are encouraging high school seniors to apply to in-state universities early — they say this will give them the best chance at being accepted.

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