State senators have voted on a bill aiming to ensure the Electoral College continues to decide who’s elected president.

Lawmakers passed a bill to wait to publicize the number of votes cast in a general election until after all states’ presidential electors have voted, but the secretary of state could release the percentages of votes cast.

This comes as traction grows for a national popular vote to decide the presidential election. The movement aims to have states send electors in accordance with the country’s popular vote, even if that’s in conflict with how its state voted.

Bismarck Sen. Dick Dever is one of the bill’s co-sponsors and says the electoral college protects states with smaller populations, like North Dakota by allowing for an outsized say in presidential elections.

“The bill is to frustrate that effort by instead of providing the numbers of votes, the percentage of the vote. The electoral college acknowledges the sovereignty of the state of North Dakota,” Dever said.

The bill passed 43 to 3 in the Senate and now heads to the House.