North Dakota is the 6th most dependent state on the gun industry

North Dakota depends on a lot of things, commodities like wheat, oil, and soybeans
Also high on the list firearms. 

“I can’t imagine what it would be like without a gun. I have had them all my life,” said Larry Becker, North Dakota resident.

Becker has been shooting since he was 8-years-old and continued in the service. Now he owns over 25 guns.

“I have hunting rifles, shotguns for upland bird hunting, and then all my pistols, and then the things I use for fun,” said Becker. 

Shooting is second nature to Larry, but he isn’t the only one. 

According to, a Finance website, North Dakota is the 6th most dependent state on the gun industry. When it comes to gun businesses, jobs, ownership, taxes and more. 

So what does that mean? 

According to Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Bureau, in 2018 there were roughly 500 federal firearm licensees in North Dakota. That’s just the dealers and pawnbrokers.

“It’s surprising that we are number six. I actually would have thought that North Dakota would be higher. Our gun purchases were well over in the hundreds for 2018,” said Brandy Eckroth, Manager at Prairie Patriot.

And the sale of firearms contributes to the state’s economy. In 2018 the firearms industry was responsible for as much as $97.9 million in total economic activity in the state, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. 

The state also benefits from the taxes paid by the industry. According to that same group, In North Dakota, the gun industry and its employees pay over $11.6 million in taxes.

As for Becker and many others, shooting is a hobby that brings joy and it’s an industry that’s not going anywhere.

“It’s picking up more and more,” said Brandy Eckroth, Manager at Prairie Patriot.

Based on the study,  the state most dependent is Idaho and the least dependent is New Jersey.

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