North Dakota is trying to produce more wine of its own

The first step is to do some research… 

“Well there are a lot of grapes that make good wine and there are a lot of grapes that will grow in North Dakota and Minnesota and Montana but there aren’t a lot that will do both,” said Chris Asmundson seed production technician with the Ward County NDSU research extension center.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “The research being done here is trying to find more and when they do –this means the wine industry will grow throughout the state”. 

“Seal them in our bag so then we’ll go back to the lab and we’ll test the sugars and the acidity to see if they’re ready for harvest,” said Asmundson.

“Everyone is interested in expanding our industry in North Dakota for wineries and for tourism,” said Asmundson.

 but the main obstacle is the weather.. 

“When you’re going to make wine we have to be really careful with the numbers and there’s a lot of grapes that don’t have time to ripen,” said Asmundson.

The NDSU extension center has planted close to 10,000 grape vines since 2013  each are different as their research involves crossing plants, the goal is to find the right one. 

“We’re trying to develop a hybrid grape that will grow well in North Dakota and still have good numbers to make good wine,” said Asmundson.

Asmundson says there are currently two crosses that are going through the patent process. 

Jeff Peterson the owner of Point View Winery couldn’t be more thrilled … 

It’s our hope that we’ll get a couple good wine grapes that will be very good for growing in our climate in our region here,” said Jeff Peterson owner of Point View Winery.

and with the research that’s being done here, North Dakota might just take a top spot in yet another industry in the years to come. 

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