North Dakota Krav Maga teaches Good Day Dakota self-defense

It’s getting darker out earlier, every day.
Just one more reason to be alert when you’re out walking or jogging.

Here’s what a self defense instructor– and former cop– says you should do if you’re ever attacked from behind.

“When you see somebody approaching and you have the hair on the back of your neck stands up, listen to that” says Tomas Reis, Krav Maga Chief Instructor

“So you’ve got a lady walking on her own, she gets attacked from behind, pulled, and she performs what’s called a shelling motion with our basic combative or attacks.”

“So what we’re doing is dealing with the initial threat, whatever that is, whether it is a choke, a knife, a club, a hand grenade, whatever it might be and neutralizing as quickly as possible so that you can get free, call law enforcement, get away to safety that sort of thing, that’s our primary concern.”

“This is my initial threat that I have to deal with, so all I’m going to do is, put my hand on my head like I’m creating a helmet around my head, then I’m going to pivot back, so I go up and over and that gets my armpit over their arm and what it’s doing is this motion is using my entire core to break loose that grip.”

“Way up, turn, perfect, way to go, boom, boom, boom, you’re a natural!”

“We design our techniques thinking of basically a 12-year-old girl versus a full-grown male adult.”

“Arm goes up, turn, perfect, use your hands, open strikes are always better than fists unless you practice or trained with closed fists for a long time,” says Tomas Reis, North Dakota Krav Maga, Chief Instructor.

It’s best to use an open palm, so as not to break your hand when striking someone.
Another tip…
He says you don’t have to change your lifestyle over the fear of being attacked, but for example, if you’re jogging with ear buds in, you should look around and be aware of your surroundings.

He also recommends walking or jogging outside with someone else or with a group of people.

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