North Dakota Law Enforcement Started a Campaign Focusing on Texting While Driving

Texting and Driving Campaign OTS_1536189295580.png.jpg

According the the DOT’s 2016 crash summary report, a distracted driver is six times more likely to crash. 

This week, North Dakota law enforcement started a campaign to end texting and driving. They will be looking for people using any device while driving, that would take their eyes away from the road.

The campaign is being taken on by North Dakota Vision Zero, the Department of Transportation, Department of Health and the Highway Patrol. It’s a part of their strategy to reduce driving fatalities in the state.

Highway Patrol Officer Wade Kadrmas says it isn’t just texting they’ll be looking out for, but any kind of distracted driving. 

Kadrmas explains, “We can go out there day-in and day-out and issue citations for various different violations, but it’s going to come down to drivers making the conscious choice to set down their cellphone, stop what they’re doing and just take the time to drive; to actually drive from point A to point B and get there safely.”

The campaign will continue until the end of September.

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