North Dakota Lawmakers React to Recreational Marijuana on November’s Ballot

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We talked to a few North Dakota lawmakers about their thoughts on recreational marijuana possibly hitting the streets after the November election.

Congressman Kevin Cramer says, “It should be on the ballot and the people should be able to vote for it. 

Cramer says he personally would vote against it, adding, “We don’t need any more mind-altering substances on the market.”

Senator Heidi Heitkamp believes that these types of decisions are best left to the states and their citizens, and once made, that state laws should be protected. She has urged the administration to respect North Dakota’s current medical marijuana law from potential interference from the U.S. Department of Justice.

She shares the concerns of public health and law enforcement officials about recreational availability of marijuana, especially as it concerns use by or around children, and she hopes that these concerns are properly heard and considered as states look at possible changes to their laws.

Senator John Hoeven says it’s a ballot measure, so that means it’s up to the people. Although Hoeven says he does not support the legalization himself. 

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