Our nurses and doctors are vital to the community… now more than ever. Like anyone else, medical workers are dealing with their own struggles while working non-stop.

Nurse at Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas Janet Gerner says, “I would just say fake it til you make it because it’s hard to be upset when your smiling long enough.”

Laughter is key– and is what the nurses at Vibra Hospital tells KX News gets them through their day.

Nurse at Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas Shandi Romans says, “I feel like humor and laughing helps our day go fast with everything going on and helps us distress a little bit.”

They have been getting creative with it too–

Nurse at Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas Amber Oyen says, “We have some goofy staff here which is very fun–even this morning we were rolling out the face sheilds and they were pretending to be Darth Vader.”

“I would draw a mustache or a funny face just so my patients would laugh when we went in,” says Gerner.

Their fun and upbeat energy has been something that’s helped even their patients–

Patient at Vibra Hospital Cara Powell says, “They are really good at remaining positive and every time they come to our rooms they have a cheery outlook on things and always try to bring up your mood because they are so chipper when they come into the room.”

However they’ve had to do a lot extra work–

Gerner says, “Having to have more patients per nurse–just because its harder to get patients in house because there’s none out there because they are trying to save beds for the coronavirus.”

Staffing and Activity Coordinator at Vibra Hospital Jessica Lang adds, “Making sure we interact with our patients more often and making sure they don’t feel alone here.”

Vibra is one of two long-term acute care hospitals in the state, which has given them the time to build relationships with patients and helped keep them sane during COVID-19.

CEO at Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas Glynda Troyo-Sauviac says, “Because we can keep our patients longer our patients really get to know our staff — our staff gets to know our patients.”

Whether its a patient, a nurse, or anyone else on staff… they tell me they are one big giant family that will continue to keep fighting.

Romans adds, “You know you are not alone we are all in this together. Put a smile on your face and wake in the morning and tell yourself you can do this–we’re getting through it and there’s an end eventually and everyone is working as a team.”

KX wants to thank all medical workers for their hard work during this time.