North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association makes statement on recreational marijuana

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The North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association is urging a “No” vote this November on recreational marijuana.

The legalizing of marijuana will be on the November ballot as Measure 3.

The North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association was having a conference this week in Minot. The group voted on a resolution about Measure 3 during their meeting today.

In a press release the group says “The North Dakota Peace Officers Association cannot support the blatant contradictions the content of Measure 3 presents against current laws, and the possible dangers the measure presents to North Dakota citizens. Measure 3 appears to go beyond legalizing a controlled substance and it would prohibit legislative ability to implement reasonable restrictions of its use. “

The group sent out this message to the media today as part of their resolution:

Whereas the voters in the State of North Dakota are facing an initiated measure (#3) to legalize marijuana for those 21 years and older;

Whereas the initiated measure creates a law that states the possession or sale of any amount of marijuana by someone under the age of 21 will have the same penalty as a minor in possession of alcohol;

Whereas viewing the sale of large amounts of marijuana by those under the age of 21 the same as minor in possession, sends the wrong message to our youth;

Whereas the initiated measure states that no person over 21 may be prosecuted in any court for any non-violent marijuana related activity (such as DUI);

Whereas the initiated measure states that all sections and laws in conflict with this language is nullified and repealed;

Whereas removing penalties and zoning regulations related to growing, possessing, using, distributing, selling marijuana in any location causes concerns of growing, use and sales of marijuana in any public areas including shopping centers, restaurants, schools, publicly owned and operated buildings, public transportation, indoor areas, lobbies, doorways, entrance and exits including non-smoking areas as well as residential neighborhoods and parks;

Whereas removing penalties where using marijuana creates concerns for the public welfare as it relates to the safety of those who are using the means of transportation on public roadways, namely driving under the influence, which increases the potential of serious injury or fatality crashes on North Dakota roadways;

Whereas the initiated measure removes societal ability to establish reasoned and measured restrictions to protect individuals and ensure the public’s right to feel safe in their daily activity;

Whereas removing legal protections to public safety is irresponsible;

So be it RESOLVED that the North Dakota Peace Officer Association hereby declares we are opposed to this initiated measure.

Be it further RESOLVED that the North Dakota Peace Officer Association urges a “NO” vote on this initiated measure.

Dated this 17th Day of August 2018, during the 107th North Dakota Peace Officer Association Convention, Minot, ND.


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