North Dakota Property Owners Will Receive Estimated Property Tax Statements Via Mail


New legislation is making North Dakota government more transparent. This week, both Morton and Burleigh County sent out notices to better explain where your property taxes go, and as Renée Cooper reports, these statements could be in your mailbox today.

Treasurers offices across the state are sending out property tax statements to residents who own property worth more than 100 dollars.

Morton County Auditor Dawn Rhone says, “It looks similar to a tax statement, but it’s an estimate.”

More specifically, it’s an estimate of what you’ll be paying in property taxes this year based on your county’s preliminary budget.

Rhone adds, “The budgets can be changed at this point, but they can only go down. That way someone’s taxes aren’t going to be higher than what the estimate says.”

Cass County started sending out tax statements in 2017, but every county in North Dakota is sending out mail-outs as of this year.

Rhone says, statements will show you what the value of your property was last year and what it’s worth now. Also, what your taxes amounted to last year and what they likely will be this year. 

Rhone explains, “It’ll show what the county’s portion is, the school, water district, fire district and park district if applicable.”

Burleigh County Treasurer, Auditor Kevin Glatt wants to remind residents, “These are estimated tax statements. Do not pay from these estimates.”

The goal is to increase taxpayer participation in the budget process.

Glatt adds, “To get people interested in participating in their local government, in their school-board, in their city, in their county, in their township.”

They’ll be including the date, time and location of each mailing district’s final budget hearing in the mail-out.

Rhone made sure to note that special assessments are the only items not included in the statements. If you’re unsure if you’ll be responsible for taxes on special assessments this coming tax season, be sure to contact your local city government.

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