North Dakota ranks third safest in online safety for kids

According to a recent a study from internet service partners, North Dakota comes out on top as being one of the safest states for children on the web.

“I think that’s awesome anytime we can protect our kids from that stuff it makes me very happy,” said parent Lori Vanwinkle. 

But even with the good news, parents should still monitor their children’s online access.

“Even young kids now can show me numerous things about my iPhone that I don’t even know,” said Ward County chief deputy Larry Hubbard.

And once they can get the access to web pages they shouldn’t be on …

“You can get bad ideas from the internet, the tide pod challenge that spread like crazy and people saw it, hey I’ll try it,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard says that in the last two months there’s been three reports in Ward County of children being victims to online predators. 

On social media it’s so very important to only converse who you know,” said Hubbard.

The best way to ensure your kids aren’t victims to these dangers is number one to talk to them.

“You might be trying to watch BMX bike races and all of a sudden you end somewhere that you shouldn’t be and we just tell them to get off it,” said Vanwinkle.

And number two know what kind of access they have.

“To me that’s a big thing just knowing what games he’s playing. Not just knowing what they are but knowing how they work and so that I can have an idea and have a conversation about it with him,” said parent Crystal Corrigan.

It comes down to monitoring it making sure you know what your kids are doing, knowing passwords if they put passwords on them,” said Hubbard.

Because despite surveys, statistics, and laws experts say internet safety starts at home.

Other safe states for child internet use included: South Dakota, Minnesota and Kansas.

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