The blizzard that left several feet of snow also left people without power. The North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol captured imagery to assess the damage.

“We did that through putting one of their employees on our aircraft along with capturing imagery that can be flown back so that they can properly assess what needed to be done,” North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol Chief of missions Lt. Col. Sean Johnson said.

There is nothing unusual for North Dakota to have a storm such as the one a few weeks ago, but recovery takes a process.

“Have significant winter storms that take out large areas of the rural electrical cooperative network,” Lt. Col. Johnson said.

This is why volunteers are standing by and ready to go.

“When we flew the mission from Burke Divide, it was relatively unchallenging to get out and support,” Lt. Col. Johnson said.

Right now, the Civil Air Patrol is on standby if needed and is keeping an eye out for any flooding that may occur.

“We’re the lead agency for search and rescue from the air in the State of North Dakota,” Lt. Col. Johnson said.