We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can be prepared.
Bismarck local, Beth Warford isn’t just a mom of four, a financial consultant, but also the founder of the global enterprise, Pretty Loaded.
Pretty Loaded isn’t just any self defense class. This innovative self-defense course really focuses on the mindset of predators.
I sat down with Warford, who told me how it all got started.
I started Pretty Loaded because I was out with my 2 daughters, and I was almost attacked. Fortunately someone came to my rescue, but that event really changed my life.
She told me she stood there frozen during the whole encounter. Never wanting to feel that way again, she started looking into self defense classes. But most of the classes she found only dealt with martial arts or firearms.
Beth Warford: “But I thought what about understanding criminals– or understanding who they target or who they go after. So I literally started reading every book she could.
That’s when she came up with the idea for Pretty Loaded.
She says by using situational awareness, body language, and understanding the mind of a criminal and their victims that 95% of the time you can avoid all confrontation.  
Beth Warford: “Safety means preventing violence. Not reacting to it. So my whole thing is proactive self defense.
From starting out with a 10 person class she has now helped thousands of people. Men, women, young and old. She said the best way she has inspired people are through her videos.
“I started to create videos and I basically did a small scare tactic of this can happen to you, but instead of just scaring people I didn’t want to do that but to show them how to never be in that situation.
Pretty Loaded has been able to reach over 200 million people on their social media platforms and get anywhere from 2 to 7 million impressions on YouTube a month with their videos.
I sat down with one of the people they have been able to help– who went through a traumatic event himself. He says the course has really just given him the consciousness to know how to avoid dangerous situations.
Pretty Loaded participant, Evan Anderson says, “It’s amazing when you heighten your awareness of your surroundings. Not very long ago I saw someone shoplifting at Sam’s Club and I managed to get security involved– and just the things you start to see when you start looking around is quite amazing.
Warford told me she started this out as a class for women, but she now mostly teaches men.
She told me her biggest customers are security directors.
“I’m just happy that my tag line has come true– inspiring the personal safety of millions around the world, says Warford.
Warford is currently writing a book, and says she wants to keep making more videos to help continue to save even more lives.

For more information about Pretty Loaded, click here.