North Dakotans Express Mixed Feelings About Healthcare


Congress took its first step towards repealing and replacing Obama Care this week.

As the legislation moves forward, North Dakotans have a lot to say about the fate of healthcare.

In North Dakota, healthcare is getting some mixed reviews.

I asked more than 15 people their opinions on healthcare, and some said change could be a good thing

“In some ways, the system was helped with Obama Care, but I think there definitely could be changes [to] make [healthcare] less expensive,” Brad Benz, North Dakota resident says.

And, others are scared of what’s on the horizon.

“I don’t think it’s fair, I don’t think that they thought this bill through at all. I don’t think they were thinking about people who do have pre-existing conditions,” Abby Kasprowicz, arthritis ambassador for North Dakota says.

The House recently approved legislation that would repeal and replace a large portion of the Affordable Care Act without bi-partisan support.
One North Dakotan says the affordable care act wasn’t so affordable.

And he hopes to once again have healthcare within reach.

“When I did my taxes this year, I was fined 700 dollars for not having something I can’t afford to buy in the first place,” Jerry Roberts, North Dakota resident says.

Sen. John Hoeven, who spoke at an event for those with arthritis, says changes to the new healthcare bill are far from final.

“We want to make sure preexisting conditions and chronic illnesses are covered that’s going to be very important. We want to make sure things are well covered,” Hoeven says.

But for those and their loved ones with chronic illnesses, they say, they won’t rest easy.

“We are nervous about it,” Audrey Kasprowicz, North Dakota resident says.

“I’m really disappointed in the house, because I don’t feel that just because I have a preexisting condition, that I have no control over, that I [should] be punished,” Kasprowicz says.

North Dakotans could see the elimination of the tax penalties for those without insurance.

The legislation will now go to the Senate for approval.

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