A Minot man says he’s ‘not guilty’ of killing his father.
Chris Vickerman entered his plea to a murder charge in court this morning after the state had presented evidence at his preliminary hearing.

At the hearing, Minot Police investigator Cole Strandemo testified that security camera footage played a major role in leading to Vickerman’s arrest.
Strandemo says the time of the shooting of Carl Vickerman corresponds to a time that Chris Vickerman left work.
The detective says a security camera pointed at the door of the residence shows the moment Mark Vickerman was shot – and then shows someone he believes to be Chris Vickerman come inside.

(Cole Strandemo, Minot Police Investigator) “You see the suspect enter in the door – you could only see about knee level down – enter in the door, reach down, and pick up what we see as spent shell casings.”

Vickerman’s attorney questioned the investigator about his identification of the defendant when only the bottom of his legs was seen.

(James Wiese, Defense Attorney) “No one actually saw the shooting? And the shooting actually takes place off camera, correct?”
(Cole Strandemo, Minot Police Investigator) “Yes.”
(James Wiese, Defense Attorney) “OK. So we don’t have any video footage of a perpetrator, victim…?”
(Cole Strandemo, Minot Police Investigator) “No, it’s just above the camera.”

Judge Doug Mattson ruled there was sufficient evidence to move on toward trial and accepted Vickerman’s ‘not guilty’ plea.
The next court date was moved back two months to October because evidence related to the gun and bullets has still not been processed by the state.