Not in our town: “Operation Respect”

It’s easy to tear someone down with just a few words. mA lesson we all need to be reminded of.  In this month’s “Not in Our Town”, Shelby Rose shows us what one school is doing to spread kind words.

Operation Respect: It’s the new campaign at Lincoln Elementary to show kindness and not put-downs.

“A put down is when people make fun of you, call you names,” said third grader Nathan Metcalf. Fourth grader Gabriela Garcia said, “Sometimes are people are calling each other names, and hitting people, and hurting them.”

To demonstrate the effect putdowns can have on someone, this is Jimmy’s heart. And as you can see, each put down said to Jimmy tore off a piece of that heart. But every nice word can help put it back together. But Jimmy’s heart isn’t the same as it was before.

“It starts here. You know, if we can get out ahead of it and really change a pattern of behavior about the way that we talk to one another, we feel like we can prevent major bullying down the road,” said principal Shelly Swanson.

There are signs all over the hallways to remind students to not put each other down. I asked what they can to do if they see bullying take place inside or outside of school.

“Ask people not to do it, try to stop bullying,” said Gabriela. 

And how they can lift each other up instead.

Nathan said, “When they get bullied, we can say some nice words so they can feel better.”

And those kind words can be as simple as

“You’re a really kind friend.”, “You look nice today.” or  “You’re good at sports.”

Principal Swanson says there will be a few assemblys throughout the rest of the school year tailored to operation respect. 

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