Now is the time to look for Palmer Amaranth


A weed scientist from Purdue University explains Palmer Amaranth like this.
“It’s the only weed that can completely take a producer out of business.”
Palmer Amaranth is the number one weed problem in the country and was found for the first time in North Dakota last August.
It is dangerous because a single plant can produce up to a million seeds.
Palmer can grow to 6-8 feet tall.
That’s when we recognize it.
The problem is, the weed isn’t that tall right now.
And, it’s important to catch it early, in it’s most unrecognizable stage.
Palmer has been found in 5 North Dakota counties.
A Burleigh County extension agent talks about how easy it is for the plant to spread.
“There are so many different modes that it can get into your system. It’s contaminated seed, grain screenings, custom combining, birds even can bring it in, contaminated hay….,” says Beth Burdolski, Burleigh County Extension Agent
Burdolski says that’s why it’s so important to be vigilant.
If you suspect you have a palmer plant call your local extension agent.
Do not bring the plant in, they will come to you.

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