Nurturing Creative Thinking

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Is there an architect or chemist or engineer in the making in your family?
Some students from area high schools were learning what it takes for such careers today in Williston.

Whether operating robots or identifying elements by the flame they produced or building towers with nothing more than index cards and masking tape, the students took on many challenges to get a flavor for science and technology work.

(Britta Poulsen, East Fairview) “We decided to go with this design because it adds a base in between each layer along with the structure on the side.”
(Lexi McEvers, Burke Central) “We wanted to build blocks because it’s sturdier and put a layer in between so they have a base to be building on so it stays sturdy.”
(Cathy White, Alexander Teacher) “Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration. They’re talking with students from other schools so it’s not someone they know. And using those 21st-century skills to build skills they’ll use in all their classes and then later in life.”

STEM Day in Williston was put on by the Greater Northwest Education Cooperative

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