Bismarck State College blocked off a road making room for all the festivities of Oktober Fest.

The holiday is celebrated at the end of September and runs through October. In the Capital City, they’re celebrating until the third of October.

“We have some German roots here in North Dakota. Some of these things bring back some people’s culture for anything in them if they’re German,” BSC Student Engagement Coordinator Sarah Gibson said.

The community is embracing that culture with Polka music, root beer floats, pretzels, and hair braiding.

“It’s been kind of a hit off in the United States, all kinds of festivals happening in different states,” Gibson explained. “We have our own little thing here.”

Just over 200 students plus the community joined in on the celebration and on a day like this one, it was the perfect day.

“They predicted a 30 mph wind gust. I was a little worried,” Gibson shared, “but I think we’re a little sheltered where we are today. It turned out to be a beautiful day. We have Hammer-Schlagen, that’s a traditional German game played during Oktoberfest.”

The next sweet treat being served will be kuchen and that will be Friday starting at 11 a.m.