One Stranger’s Kindness Has Huge Impact For Williston Woman

“It just made my whole day better. It really did. Put me in a better mood. I was nicer to people,” says Danielle Romero. 

Like many, Romero was simply having a bad day last week. The Williston transplant was feeling homesick and was in tears just before she pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru.

What happened next, surprised her.

“I went to hand her money. She said the guy in front of you’s paid for your whole meal,” says Romero. 

Romero immediately paid the act forward. Not entirely uncommon says one McDonald’s manager.  She says she sees it on an almost daily basis. And the longest chain of cars she’s seen pay it forward?

Another popular spot in Williston?
Spring Lake Park, where many pay it forward by paying entrance fees to the annual holiday lights show.

“The monetary thing wasn’t the big deal. It was the fact that it made me refocus on the great people here and the great friends we’ve met here because I had completely lost sight of that,” says Romero. 

Romero wants the kind stranger to know that the simple gesture made a big impact. And that his act of kindness made someone feeling a little homesick feel right at home.

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