Organization Americans for America Gathers Crowd at the Capital

Gun Rally OTS_1523811002674.png.jpg

Gun Rights Supporters rallied nationwide, and right here in North Dakota for their 2nd amendment rights.

It was in response to student-led protests against gun violence.

The group that gathered at the steps of the state capital are calling themselves “a grass roots coalition.” 

The crowd was made up of mostly men, and many waved the American flag or carried signs in support of a right to self defense.

Bismarck resident Jamie Brecht explains, “It’s a right that almost every other country in the world doesn’t have. It’s a freedom, just like your freedom of speech and freedom of religion and anything else. You know, but the second amendment gets beat up a lot more than all our other freedoms and I’m tired of that.”

The group behind these rallies is the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans.

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