Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Hosts Nativity Display

For the past four years, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church has hosted a live nativity scene. This year, they also played host to a community nativity display.

You can find snow globe nativity scenes, quilted patterns, and everything in-between at the nativity display. The nativity scenes were previously showcased at a local art center, but this year they got a new home.

“This year we have some really unique ones. The ones from Africa have always fascinated me. Just to look at that whole different culture and what their nativity scenes would look like,” says community volunteer Vivian Kalmik. 

In addition to nativity scenes from Africa and Peru, there are some scenes that are even homemade.

“Every nativity has a story behind it. That’s what make each one so special and unique. We have a really unique one this year made by a family with their children. They made their own shoe box background. That one has caught my eye this year too,” says Kalmik. 

 2100 nativity scenes.

There are about 45 nativity scenes in Our Redeemer’s nativity display, including some so small they fit in the palm of your hand.

In addition to these, the church will add one more-

its annual outdoor live nativity scene.

“Something kind of miraculous to just see it kind of brought to life. You see all these beautiful sets here from all over the world but to see it brought to life, it’s just kind of a different way to reflect on the season,” says Miranda Iblings, organizer of the church’s live nativity scene.

Christma,” says Kalmik.

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