Outdoor Rinks Near Opening

The tradition of outdoor skating is on hold this winter in Minot.
The Park District’s four outdoor rinks are not yet open due to a combination of unusual weather.

Warmth after Thanksgiving and now snow have teamed up to keep the rinks closed.
But today, workers were taking steps toward getting the ice ready.

At Perkett School, that meant first removing all of the new snow from the ice that was made fragile by the cold-then-warm conditions of the past couple of months.

(Jarrod Olson, Director of Operations) “Basically we just gotta get the ice and the water under that snow to start re-freezing. And then we’ll start putting smaller layers of water on to get it to freeze a little quicker and try and build it up as quickly as we can. But if you go too fast, you get air pockets and that gets the bubbles and cracks and then it’s a bigger battle.”

There are four outdoor rinks in Minot and Olson expects them be be open early next week.
Check out the Minot Park District Facebook page to monitor the schedule for the outdoor rinks.

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