Over 600 Businesses Register to Collect and Remit Online Sales Taxes

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North Dakota can expect millions more in online sales tax revenue — starting October 1st.

This comes after the Supreme Court Decision of South Dakota v. Wayfair. The new law requires business that do 100,000 dollars worth of sales in the state or 200 or more transactions to pay taxes for the state they’re selling in. 

Here in North Dakota, over 600 businesses have already registered to collect the taxes. Once the October deadline approaches, it is left up to the tax commissioners office to seek out businesses that have not registered to pay the tax. Ryan Rauschenberger says his office will start with bigger businesses and work their way down.

Ryan Rauschenberger; Tax Commissioner: “We’re going to be focusing on those top 1000 because they will make up the vast majority of total online sales.”

The tax commissioner said he is conservatively estimating the state will see 10 million dollars in online sales tax revenue for 2019.

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