Nearly every day we get up, take care of our families or ourselves and walk out the door for another day of work.

It’s something that we take for granted, and sometimes dread.

But, for one man being able to do that every day was his goal growing up.

Randy Haugen was born with cerebral palsy and an eye disease that limits his vision.

He also has a strong work ethic, likes being busy, and having a job to do.

Randy finished high school and had a few jobs that didn’t work out.

After taking some time off, he decided he was ready to find a job that fit his wants and needs.

“It’s hard for people with disabilities to find a job,” said Randy Haugen, Dollar Tree Employee.

But he didn’t give up and the State of North Dakota didn’t give up on him either.

Randy signed up with the Department of Human Services’ Vocational Rehabilitation Program and he found what he was looking for.

And his newest employer, the Dollar Tree found what they were looking for too.

“It keeps me busy and it gives me a little bit of extra income,” said Haugen.

Randy’s been working at Dollar Tree for about six months.

“Individuals with disabilities are such an under utilized work force,” said Kendra Faa, Senior Rehabilitation Counselor.

This year, the Dollar Tree received an Employer of the Year Honorable Mention from the Department of Health for their work with people with disabilities.

“When employers such as Dollar Tree receive this award and recognition, it lets other employers know how successful this partnership can be,” said Faa.

Everyday, Randy is proving that a disability doesn’t define you.

Instead, he believes that the work you put in to achieve your goals is what you’ll be remembered for.

“The biggest thing is don’t give up,” said Haugen.

There were other businesses that won this award including Grand Forks Goodwill Thrift Store, Fargo Cashwise Foods, Jamestown Quality Inn and Suits, and ProIt in Williston won the overall statewide award.