If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you’re not alone. Super Saturday or Panic Saturday is the second biggest shopping day of the year, behind Black Friday.

A recent National Retail Federation survey showed that 134 million consumers planned to shop today. 14% of those surveyed said they planned to shop local and small businesses, so we headed downtown to find them. The people we talked to said they were either too busy to shop until now or admitted that they always procrastinate. For that reason, they were more inclined to shop in-stores rather than online.

“Relatively of time and shipping and stuff like that, so it’s definitely easier to actually, physically go to a store and pick it up,” says Giancarlo Martini.

“I never do any of my shopping until the last minute because that’s just the way I am,” says TJ Lipsey.

There are only two more days to finish those shopping lists.