WILLISTON, N.D. (KXNET) — Earlier this week in Watford City a verdict was reached in the case of baby Willow, a jury found defendant Torrie Vader not guilty. Willow’s parents Shawn and Ashley Wahl, expecting a different outcome, were seemingly blindsided.

“I was very disappointed, even from the time that we both testified. It became a very big concern of mine, after my testimony, of how the rest of the of the trial was going to be handled, and I’m sure he would probably say the same, it just did not seem very well prepared at all,” said Willow’s mother Ashley Wahl.

On the day when Wahl picked up Willow from daycare, she said she immediately knew something was not right. Although she does not know exactly what happened at the daycare, she feels the entire truth is not being told.

“It’s very frustrating that there was multiple stories as to what happened, but then now, it’s being said that she just had a preexisting, so nothing happened there,” added Wahl. “There was no preexisting medical condition for Willow.”

Today, the Wahl’s say baby Willow is doing okay, but she is still undergoing several therapies. Doctors have informed the family that it is very likely baby Willow will never walk or talk again.

“It’s hard, it’s really hard, it’s hard to not cry every single day wondering what life would have been like and not having so much anger and sadness,” stated Wahl.

The daycare has said that they operate their facility with the upmost care and Torrie Vader has always maintained her innocence.

The Wahl’s say since Willow has been discharged from the hospital, she has had some improvements and remain hopeful that one day baby Willow will be able to walk and talk again. The Wahl’s would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers for their family and for baby Willow.