Parks, City Eye Goose Population Control

The city’s parks are attractions for many people every day – but they also attract some wildlife that officials would rather see living elsewhere.
Geese for example.

Jim Olson shows us what the Park District does to try to limit the growth of the goose population.

Take a walk through Minot’s Oak Park and you’ll see them.

“A couple of them hissed at us…”

And see what they leave behind.

“You gotta watch out for the droppings on the ground.”

But it can go beyond that.

(Ron Merritt, Minot Park District Director) “We’ve had geese come up to – especially children – and take a sandwich right out of their hands and wander off so we’re at the point where we had to do something.”

That’s why the Park District has adopted a management strategy to deal with the goose population. They’re trying to scare off the birds, reminding visitors not to feed them, and in some cases, egg addling – where they alter goose eggs to limit reproduction.

(Ron Merritt, Minot Park District Director) “Oak Park and Souris Valley Golf Course are our two problem areas for geese in town.”

But the problem can spill outside of park boundaries – these geese are waddling around nearby Oak Park Shopping Center and there’s a pair that set up a nest in the parking lot.

(Ron Merritt, Minot Park District Director) “In areas such as Oak Park, it would be nice if we could get outside the park boundaries a little bit on each side of Oak Park.”

That’s why the city is considering working out a deal with the Park District to take on the honker issue.

(Ron Merritt, Minot Park District Director) “We’re not trying to get rid of all of the geese, but we are trying to get it down to a more managable population so that people and the geese can coexist.”

So you won’t stop seeing geese in your walk through the park, you might just see fewer of them. Jim Olson, KX News.>>

The city council will vote Monday on the plan to work with the Park District to control the goose population.

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